Black Labrador - Art in Progress


Pencil portrait of 'Solo' a black labrador.


laba lab3
Stage 1                                                     Stage 2

With my first sketch I realised that the eyes were inaccurate. After making the necessary alterations Stage 2 shows the adjustment to eye level.

Using a 2B and 4B pencil I worked around the face gradually adding more detail. Light and darkareas became more defined as the artwork progressed.

Unfortunately during this period my camera lens was broken so my 'Portrait in Progress' photos came to a grinding halt!

Stage 3
Using a 6B pencil and following the direction and pattern of the coat I incorporated the neck with the shoulder area. Adding more detail to the coat gave texture and an overall softer appearance. With a 2B pencil I worked in more detail around the nose and eyes. Lightening the highlights and adding depth of colour to the shadows gave form to the face.

Stage 4
Finally with a sparkle of light in each eye my Black Labrador Retriever pencil drawing was completed and is now available as a Fine Art Print and Greetings Card. With the sale of my 'Black Labrador' Fine Art Print and Greetings Cards a donation is given to the 'Labrador Lifeline Trust'.



When taking photo's of my artwork in progress; the time of day, room lighting, flash etc may alter the colours slightly. Monitor settings also vary and this may affect how colours appear on your screen. The final photograph or scan of the completed artwork will be as accurate and as true to the finished artwork as possible.