Barn Owl Coaster

Barn Owl Fine Art Design Coasters
Price: £2.99
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My Barn Owl Coasters are sold individually wrapped and are also available in sets of six; presented in a stylish Gift Box with embossed silver logo.  Each coaster has a hard, glossy, heat resistant, melamine surface. Coaster Size: 90mm x 90mm x 3mm

In 1999, I was commissioned to portray a Barn Owl flying across a meadow. For my Barn Owl oil painting, I decided to portray my owl on a bright moonlight night.

A Barn Owl flying at dusk looks pure white, yet seeing one at close quarters reveals that it is a mixture of various shades of pale gold, with brown, grey and black speckles.The Barn Owl is most often seen in flight, hunting over open permanent pasture that has a good population of small mammals such as voles, mice and shrews. These regular patrols may be puncuated by short rests on a fence post from which prey can sometimes be caught. Particularly well developed senses of sight and smell, and the rounded wings with their soft, fluffy feathers, make owls efficient and silent hunters. A Barn Owl has eyes set in a white heart-shaped facial disk edged with brown and, as the eyes are almost immobile, this beautiful bird has the ability to twist its head around a full 270 degrees.