German Shepherd Card

Miniature Fine Art Greetings Card
Size: 210mm x 150mm
Price: £3.99

Original Painting Medium: Pastel

na germshepss 250

My painting of a German Shepherd was portrayed using pastels. This patient, good mannered and extremely co-operative German Shepherd dog was a pleasure to portray. Over the years many people have admired this handsome boy and commented on his good looks.

There are different theories regarding the origin of the German Shepherd. One is that the breed was the result of crosses between the various breeds of sheepdog existing in Germany. Another, that it resulted from the spontaneous mating of shepherd bitches and wolves. However, it is known that the first German Shepherd dogs were presented at Hanover in 1882, and the short-haired variety was first presented in Berlin in 1889.

The ideal height for dogs is 25 inches (60-65cm) and weight 77-85 pounds (35-40kg). Its eyes are almond-shaped, dark, with a lively, intelligent expression. Its bushy tail reaches almost to its hocks and hangs down when the dog is at rest.

The breed came into being as a leader of flocks, but due to its intelligence and outstanding character, it has also been used at times of war (carrying messages under fire and across mine fields), as a rescue dog, and as a police dog. Bold, obedient, affectionate and loyal, it always performs the work requested of it with good will and enthusiasm.