Hi, I know I keep on about it but those images are just so evocative, looking out on a cloudy November day, They really have the power to transport me out of that place and into the natural world again, the world I love so much, the one we increasingly feel somehow distant from in our funny little brick-bound lives... You got the power!!!
Hope you are disgustingly well and full of life's energy too.
P. Braxton - Lytchett Matravers - Dorset - U.K

Su, Have received the print, many thanks for your prompt service. It looks great, brings back many memories of our time in Zambia. Regards
N. A - Gloucestershire - U.K

Thank you, Sue. Your concern is incredibly appreciated. Thanks again!!
Derek. S - Hollywood - U.S.A

Dear Su,
Thank you for the cards I ordered, which arrived today ... I was delighted with them, they are both such beautiful pictures, and it was a lovely surprise to receive the extra bonus ones, so thanks a lot !! I love your brilliant peacock postcard. They are such beautiful creatures and you have painted it wonderfully. I hope all is well with you, and you are not working too hard, My best wishes,
Christine. D - Yorkshire - U.K

I am delighted with the picture of S. and have passed one to his owner who is equally delighted. I have had a look at your web site which is really excellent and I wish you well.
Anne. C - Dorset - U.K

Received the cards this morning, more than I expected, Thank you very much. The cards are beautiful, I doubt they will not get sent as greetings cards as they are too nice to give away! Best Wishes
David. R - Lancashire - U.K

Your paintings are an inspiration, and I was delighted with the greetings cards...I'm sure I will buy more from you in the future. THANK YOU
Christine. D - Yorkshire - U.K

Afternoon Su, The picture arrived today. Thank you for packing it so well. Have already recommended your website to friends, especially the picture of Amy - she is very beautiful. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon (maybe at the Larmer Tree Festival).
M. A - Hampshire - U.K

Dear Su ....... I also enjoyed looking at your sketch of Grampus - I used to have a Landseer Newfie.......
H. M - Bedfordshire - U.K

Dear Su
Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the cards, they arrived in perfect condition and love all the designs and am sure the recipents will like them to. many thanks
Sue .C - Essex - U.K

Hi Sue It arrived on time and is great and I really liked getting the card etc!
Carol .G - Surrey - U.K

Thank you for my beautiful 'Amy' print & the greetings cards which all arrived in perfect condition. Laura
Laura .S - Middlesex - U.K

I am greatly looking forward to receiving the Whippet cards. My husband and I think it is delightful and beautifully painted.
Sally .R - York - U.K

Dear Su
my name is Ian S. and many years ago I bought your first picture a beautiful sketch of a leopards head ,I believe it was your first sale ,(I was an army bandsman playing on Bournemouth bandstand) I have kept your picture and wherever I have lived it has been one of the first things I put up I happened to punch your name into the Computer and your site came up ,I thought id drop you a line to say how much pleasure your picture has brought me ,I remember you saying it had taken a lot of hours to draw. It looks like you are doing well I hope you dot mind me getting in touch take care Ian
Ian .S - U.K



Hi Su
Thanks very much - I received the print safely and its beautiful work - I am in the process of getting it framed. I am sure the mother-in-law will love it!! Thanks again for the prompt service.
Glenda - Mid Glamorgan - U.K

Dear Susan,
I was recently viewing your site with the wildlife birds and liked it so much, I bookmarked it. Today as I was looking it over again, I thought I would let you know how very much I loved your work. Thanks for the lovely "eye-candy" that you share, its some of the best Ive ever seen. Your fan, Bernie
Bernie .E - U.S.A

Just bought your 'Peregrine' print and am absolutely thrilled with it. Your work has captured the essence of a Peregrine Falcon. You are a pleasure to do business with and delivery was super fast. Many, many thanks.
Lizzie Hudson - Anglesey - U.K

Su - what beautiful and amazing work, it is absolutely stunning. You have such talent and your commitment to conservation is inspiring.
Karen .K - Wiltshire - U.K

Having bought the picture of the brown hare with which i am delighted, I have just purchased some cards and the picture of the German Shepard is great so few artist ever capture them properly. Thanks Sue
Keith .G - Devon - U.K

Jackie .C - Dumfries - U.K

Hi Su,
The cards and print of the peacock have arrived and are beautiful. Thank you so much for getting them out to me so soon, your work is fabulous!!! You are very talented and your peacock print will hang in my friends bedroom for all to enjoy.
Gail Shumway - Florida - U.S.A

Hello! The cards has arrived! The cards were beautiful!
Jenny .B - Sweden

Having unsuccessfuly searched for a relevant flower art card for my niece Fuchsia, I was delighted to find exactly what I wanted on this site. The ordering process was easy and the card arrived a few days later, well packed to protect it in the post. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Susan Shimeld's site to anyone looking for something well made and just that little bit different.
Tim Carr - U.K

greetings from denmark.
Kim Pedersen

Hi Su. Thanks for visiting my site. Your work is absolutely stunning. Congratulations.
Leo - www.whalesandwolves.com

Your site are so beautiful.Loved the photos...Keep up the good work.
Greetings and hugs from
Celina - www.cejamar.net

Fantastic artsite you have. Wonderfull artwork. Would you like to exchange bannerlink with me? Contact me if you are interested.
Michael U Johansson - www.djupet.com

Hi Sue
My 'Brown Hare' greetings card arrived today. I am so pleased with it, it is brilliant. I am mad on Hares, you have captured it beautifully. I wish I was as talented as you are, you are very lucky. Thank's a lot
Christine .W - Doncaster - U.K

Thanks for the brilliant print of the Brown Hare. The ordering process was easy and the print arrived well packed within days. One happy customer.
Keith .G - Devon - U.K

Your artwork is truly great, I wish I was talanted like that. I have many ideas so I write alot, but to put the ideas into a drawing - impossible! =)
Jenny .B - Sweden

Hi Susan
I've looked at your site and I'm very impressed with your art. Please visit our forums and introduce yourself. Our members would love to meet you, one in particular who is a fantastic animal artist in pencils as well as watercolour.
Kindest regards
Johnny .W - U.K

Holly .T - U.S.A

Your work is stunning. Good luck with you site and your work.
P. S - U.K

Hi Su
I wonder whether you might consider an exchange of links with my website. I am a fellow animal portrait artist from the UK . I would appreciate the opportunity of exchanging links with you, and wish you well with your art – I have great admiration for your beautiful work. I look forward to hearing from you.
N. J - U.K



Would highly recommend this lady to anyone. The service is first class with excellent communication and the artwork is outstanding. Many thanks for the wonderful German Shepherd picture. It looks just like my 'Maverick'.
Sue .G - Northants - U.K

'Crossing the river' is a wonderful print and made a great birthday present for my Dad who has a passion for elephants. Keep up the good work.
Eleanor .R - Surrey - U.K

Delighted with the Leo print and cards. The print really captures the personality of a Leo. First class service. Very Best Wishes
Carol .H - Bristol - U.K

Dear Su,
I enjoyed my visit to your site. You are an excellent Traditional Artist. In my own Traditional brand of art, I do both wildlife and scenery as well as still life. I attempt to bring out the natural aspects of each work (I feel even a still life has a natural quality about it that needs to be nurtured). Good painting to you too, and good luck to us both!! I know you are in the U.K, but if you ever get in range of the Gatlinburg area, stop in, I'd love to meet you.
J. - U.S.A

Hello Susan, Very nice website and Beautiful artwork. "The Winds of Heaven blow between horses ears"
D. - U.S.A

Very good work. Nice site. Kind Regards, Francisco José.
Francisco .J. Santos - Brazil

Having searched the net for ages trying to find a suitable 60th Birthday present for my Step Father, I was at last thrilled to find this site. I bought the 'Baby Orangutan' print and am absolutely delighted with the quality and service I have received, the print arrived super fast and in excellent condition. Fantastic website, I'll be back!
Lisa .M - Warwickshire - U.K

The print is a special present for a friends 40th birthday who is mad on seahorses. I scoured the internet for a suitable present and was delighted to find your web-site. She will be delighted.
Liz .L - Lancashire - U.K

My friend was delighted with the Seahorse print and card that I bought for her 40th birthday. Having surfed the net for seahorse 'items' I was so delighted to have found your site. I found buying through your web-site very simple and the whole process effective and efficient. I thought that the card was excellent value and shall be placing an order for more.
Liz .L - Lancashire - U.K

An all embracing programme covering the finest natural art work
Figaro Arts - U.K

Visited your website in December looking for a Christmas present for the wife, brilliant.
Colin .M - Dorset - U.K

Fantastic selection of cards, they are greatly admired by everyone that I have shown them to and I have a few orders......
Monica .H - Kent - U.K

Thankyou for supplying me with the beautiful cards, everybody is very very pleased with them.
Monica .H - Kent - U.K

I was taking a quick walk at lunchtime today in a little industrial unit at Blandford when I saw your peregrine falcon card thro' a partially opened doorway and popped into the petshop there and bought it on the spot. Just couldn't believe how good your work is. I'm bowled over! Just checked out your website and bowled over by that, too. It's good to know somebody is doing good stuff. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you.
Paul A. B - Dorset - U.K

Your work is excellent without a doubt and you deserve much success with your website. You take care,
J & S. W - U.K

A very professional site with gorgeous artwork! Keep up the good work Su.
Bob .P - U.K

Well done Su a much improved website, attractive and easy to use - may it prove highly successful. Your Sea-horses are now adorning a wall in my cottage on the shores of Loch Torridon. All the best Chris
Chris .L - Northants - U.K

We have reviewed your site and determined that it is outstanding.
P.S.C - Australia.

Thank you for sending the print so quickly, I think he will love it. The South Luangwa Valley in Zambia is one of his favourite places.
A. F - Northumberland - U.K

I am very excited about your artwork and receiving the prints and greeting cards. Your beautiful artwork reminds me of our local Colorado artist Shane Dimmick that I collect. She, too does wonderful prints of wildlife, similar to your Harvest Mouse. You both have a wonderful talent for capturing the detail and beauty of birds and animals.
L. H - Colorado - U.S.A

I just can't stay away, you have just such an amazing website. Word of mouth spreads fast.
Maxine .C - Devon - U.K

Your website is looking fantastic Mum. Aren't you clever! Love Katie x
London - U.K

They arrived in good shape and the whippet is just as beautiful as I thought it would be!! It is exquisite in every way and I am so pleased. I can't wait to find a good framer for the print so I can hang it. It will certainly have a place of honor among my whippet art collection.
Holly .T - Texas - U.S.A

I've just been looking at your website and i'm amazed at your artwork, you really are talented. I was particularly taken by your pet studies, especially the dogs (for obvious reasons). I'm seriously considering treating myself at Christmas time......
Gail .C - Dorset - U.K

WOW, what great work! You not only do the animals with much precision but more importantly you capture the soul of the beast. That is very uncommon talent.
R. E - U.S.A

I do think the image of Amy is fabulous...
Gary .S - Los Angeles - U.S.A

Lovely to speak with you today ..... - whilst discussing your amazing website with stunning drawings and
pictures with J.M ........ - what a real great way to share your work with others whilst helping various charities.
David .O. Leeds - U.K

A very clever, well planned site with beautiful inspiring pictures reflecting a sincere concern for our world.
Andrew .W - Portsmouth - U.K

Hello Susan
I was walking a Path of Heart and Soul in cyberspace when i came upon the Conscious Creative Action which is your site. I found it a true Pearl of Positive Energy. I enjoyed your Personal Altar , it is a Blossomed Leaf , a Full Moon Shimmering on the Water. Well done. May you Navigate this Life with Grace as you Live your Calling. When we Share ourselves with others we become a Painter of Dreams. I enjoyed the Gentleness and Inviting Inspiration of your Personal Cyber Landscape. I wish you Freedom of Awareness and Heaven in your Heart.
Michael .T - U.S.A

Your Web-site looks fantastic. I hope it brings a just reward for all your work. Just keep at it and keep in touch -
Rex. T - Hampshire - U.K

A happy owner of a 2 year old Leonberger girl .....I'd like to purchase one of these beautiful prints.
C. V - U.S.A


I've met some lovely friends along the way and it's been super to hear from you.
Thank you all for your messages.

Wishing you all the best,

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oh my word Su - it is breathtaking